Professional make-up in Huddersfield

One of the first centres in the White Rose group was in Huddersfield. The centre worked hard over a number of years to build its reputation and to confirm its place in the training offer in the region. It is definitely now a firm fixture known for high quality training and standards. The Huddersfield Centre… Continue reading Professional make-up in Huddersfield

The original trailblazers…

In the 70’s when I did my beauty therapy training there was almost an elitism about the profession. I was at High School when I first came across a book called Beauty Culture by Wallace S Sharps. It described the fantastic careers which were available to anyone studying beauty therapy including an international dimension for… Continue reading The original trailblazers…

Study in the City, there’s nothing better

In my view... There’s nothing better than studying in the city! Particularly if your interest is beauty therapy, complementary therapies, media make-up and a range of associated disciplines. Take a stroll on Park Row in Leeds, the heart of the city and as you walk, look at the beautiful architecture and the fascinating mix of… Continue reading Study in the City, there’s nothing better

In my view

Beauty and cosmetics are amongst the fastest growing industries not just nationally but globally. This UK growth is driven by the spending power of the 18-34 age group, closely followed by those aged 50+ and this market is predicted to grow by nearly 40% in the next 20 years!  The cosmetics industry is huge and… Continue reading In my view